Bramley NDP Update on progress

Comments concerning the Neighbourhood Plan have been received and will be analysed by the Parish Council and the Steering Group. If it is considered necessary then the Neighbourhood Plan will be edited taking into consideration comments that will improve the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and make it more acceptable as to the future of Bramley Parish… Read More

On the 8th July 2015 notification was received by Parish Councillors of a proposed new development at the top of Cufaude Lane/The Street junction.  This proposal was then distributed to members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.  Below you will find details of the proposal and a copy of corresponding reply sent by Cllr. Malcolm… Read More

Bramley Neighbourhood Plan Feedback

Before submitting a Neighbourhood Plan to B&DBC, the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan team must publicise in an appropriate manner in the neighbourhood area: • details of the proposals in a neighbourhood development plan • details of where and when proposals for the neighbourhood development plan can be seen • details of how to make representations • the… Read More

Bramley Green

Firstly, a big thank you to all who have been involved in helping the Bramley Neighbourhood Planning steering group create a plan for the future development of Bramley. The plan once adopted will be a legal document of which planning officers will have to take note. This document sets out the policies which we propose… Read More

The aim of the survey was to seek local views on the maximum number of dwellings that should be built in any future developments.   The results from this survey will help form the basis of a policy within the Neighbourhood Plan that will limit the size of individual housing schemes within or immediately adjacent to… Read More