Bramley Neighbourhood Plan FeedbackBefore submitting a Neighbourhood Plan to B&DBC, the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan team must publicise in an appropriate manner in the neighbourhood area:

• details of the proposals in a neighbourhood development plan
• details of where and when proposals for the neighbourhood development plan can be seen
• details of how to make representations
• the deadline for receipt of representations (minimum 6 week period)

The Neighbourhood Plan applies to the whole of the Parish of Bramley within the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane. In accordance with Part 2 of the Regulations, B&DBC (the local planning authority) publicized the application from Bramley Parish Council and advertised a consultation period 17th December 2012 -28th January 2013. The application was approved by the Cabinet of B&DBC on 22nd March 2013 and the Parish of Bramley was designated as the Neighbourhood Area on that date.
The Bramley Parish Council approved this plan for Regulation 14, of Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, at an extraordinary meeting on the 11th June 2015 at Clift Meadow Pavilion and the consultation period commences on 29th June 2015 and will close on 19th August 2015.

The plan contains 17 Policies that once adopted will be used to determine planning applications during the period up to 31st March 2029.

The material that you are invited to review can all be found at the following web address:

It comprises the following:

  1. Bramley Neighbourhood Plan , Final Draft
  2. Leaflet summarising the Neighbourhood Plan (distributed throughout the Neighbourhood Area)
  3. SA Report to accompany Regulation 14 consultation – February 2015
  4. Community Consultation
  5. Characterisation of Bramley
  6. Trees Survey
  7. Important Views
  8. Data Analysis Related to Bramley’s Expansion

You are invited to submit comments via our online feedback form, which you can find here:

You may also email to

A PDF version of the Public Consultation and feedback form can be found at the end of this page.
You can download, print out, complete and return the form and send to the Bramley Parish Clerk at:

Bramley Parish Clerk
Neighbourhood Planning
11 Pinehurst
RG26 3AP

The Parish Clerk can be contacted via: 07810 692486

Comments must reach us by 17.30 on 19th August 2015.

Consultation Flyer June 2015
Consultation Flyer June 2015
Version: 1.0
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Comments on the draft plan are now closed.  Please use our contact form for any general comments.

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5 comments on “Pre-submission consultation and publicity (Regulation 14)

  • A solution must be found to the traffic problem in the centre of the village between the railway crossing and the shop, before there is any more housing development within the village. A charge could be introduced in the car park, starting at half-an-hour free and increasing to a substantial amount, to enable people to visit the shop, station or bakery and to deter outsiders.
    Some residents parking would need to be provided in local roads to prevent the problem moving to other places within the village.

    I am aware of several older residents, who currently occupy four and five bed family homes, who would like to move (not necessarily downsize to a small box) within the village. The accommodation needs to be central to the village, and easily maintained. It also needs to be flexible, with features such as a third reception room that could be used as a bedroom, a cloakroom with a shower, plenty of cupboard space, and stairs that can easily be adapted to take a chair lift, while still having good sized rooms and space for family and friends to stay.

  • Excellent and well written document, in full agreement to all of the proposals

    (Edited: 2015/07/15 at 7:36 pm Paul Holland)

  • The 50 house limit to Bramley development as outlined in the Neighbourhood Plan seems to be entirely appropriate to an area with the limited infrastructure available within this parish.

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