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Meeting with Mark Fessey, Principal ConsultantAECOM, 9th February, 2015, and Actions arising The Meeting was arranged to introduce Mark to Bramley and for him to enlighten us on the procedure for the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment. As a result of BDBC having screened the draft neighbourhood plan, the Final Report published February 2015 requested that… Read More

The Bramley Neighbourhood Plan must comply with EU obligations. An important element of this requirement is that the borough council needs to determine whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be subject to a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) and/or Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). This is an important legal requirement and a screening process in relation to… Read More

The Environment was identified as an important issue facing people from Bramley. Results from the June 2013 Questionnaire showed that 60% of respondents rated it 10 (10 being very important and 1 not so important).  Correspondingly, in question 20 of the Bramley Village Plan, over 85% of respondents felt that Public open spaces (e.g. greens)… Read More