Below you will find any publicly available supporting documents for the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan.

Supporting Documents
Comments On The Draft Submission - Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council1.0199.6 KiB425
Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan Health Check Review Report1.0543.9 KiB417
Consultation Flyer June 20151.0551.7 KiB1017
Consultation Letter1.0300.6 KiB374
Development Options May 20141.03.4 MiB721
Bramley 21 Sites (Low Resolution)1.0280.5 KiB550
Bramley 21 Sites (High Resolution)1.027.7 MiB908
Bramley Local Economy1.1103.5 KiB485
Terms Of Reference Bramley NDP1.0129.8 KiB1296
Meeting with Charles Church - 16th October 20131.0205.4 KiB856
Building Evidence Base Advice (Draft)1.0544.2 KiB1394
SEA - Screening Opinion1.0177.5 KiB385
Neighbourhood Planning Screening Report – Bramley1.01.6 MiB518
Neighbourhood Planning Screening Report Template – Bramley1.01.5 MiB555

Each file can be opening using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free application available from

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