Bramley railway Station

Bramley Railway Station

Update: 29th June 2012
Thank you for all the survey responses.
The first survey is closed and no longer accepting responses.

Dear Resident

Our village is going to continue to evolve, having already seen many changes in the last few years.

The Bramley Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by Bramley Parish Council is your opportunity as a resident to influence what happens over the next fifteen years. It will set out a vision for us all as to what our community will be like to live and work in in the future.

A group of willing volunteers from within the village has formed a steering committee to co-ordinate and design our plan and we need your help to establish the priorities and address the issues that are most important to us as a community. We cannot guarantee that all of the wishes of our residents will be met, but we will work hard on your behalf to represent what matters to you most; be it infrastructure, transport etc.

This is the first of many communications that we will create in order to engage with you and solicit your views. Our aim is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to connect with the steering committee both in person and in writing – do look out around the village for events at which we will be present.

We would be extremely grateful if you could take a few moments to complete the questionnaire below. This will enable the steering group to organise what we will focus on and how we will take things forward, including initial feedback to you on the results.

Link to Online Survey:

You can also download a PDF version of the survey which you can complete on your computer and email back to    

Please do get involved. Your opinion will count.

With very best wishes,

Your Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee:

Cllr Malcolm Bell (Chairman), Bruce Ansell, Ian Crossley, Sian Davies, Andrea Ede, James Hare, Louise Hayling, David Hornblow, Dawn Jennings, Malcolm Knowles, Roger Marsh, Henrietta Pullan, Karen Readman, Joanne Shearing, Katie Tottenham, Lucy Wilkinson, George Zaidmann

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One comment on “Your village needs your support!

  • I think Bramley is in desperate need of recreation for our 10 – 15 year olds, Skate park, goal posts/football pitch, regular youth clubs, disco’s, more state of the art park equipment (See Mortimer park). The older end of Bramley has very little – all the emphasis has been on the new estate, Bramley Green, which has numerous up to date play/park areas. The older end has 4 swings and a basket ball court???? Our young people only cause trouble when they are bored. The land behind North Row & Bromelia Close is sitting wasted, more is needed at Cliff Meadow. A skate park would be awesome for them, even the younger ones could use it on scooters, bikes etc.

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