Localism-ActNeighbourhood planning was introduced by the Localism Act 2011. It gives communities
power to make plans which shape and direct development in their area – to say where development should go and what form it should take. Neighbourhood Plans are produced by the community itself and are only adopted if they receive a majority vote by local people in
a referendum. Neighbourhood Plans are part of the statutory development plan for the local area and must be taken into account by the local authority when it makes decisions on planning applications.
The Bramley Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared by a Steering Group appointed by Bramley Parish Council and supported by professional neighbourhood planning experts, Urban Vision. Following wide-ranging consultation with local people keys issues have been identified, which
the Neighbourhood Plan will address. A Vision for Bramley and strategic aims and objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan have been produced and were approved by the residents who attended our Open Day Presentation. The purpose of this consultation is to help us complete the next stage
in the process – producing the policies which will be used when planning decisions are made which shape and direct the future development of the parish.

Basingstoke and Deane are allocating 200 new homes to Bramley in the Emerging Local Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan covers a period of 15 years to 2029 and there may be more demands for further housing in Bramley during that time. We want the Neighbourhood Plan to be able to control
and Guide any future housing in the village, so that its RURAL character is not damaged and we can stop large URBAN like developments. Having reviewed the site assessments against a range of criteria and considered the feedback from the community, the Steering Group and the
Consultant have concluded that the a better approach concerning future housing in Bramley would be to specify the number of dwellings for any site rather than allocating specific sites. Hence question one:

• Q1 All future housing developments in Bramley  should be limited to a maximum of _____ dwellings.

We need your replies as they are your views and the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan,
so please help us by replying and giving us the evidence base to produce a plan in keeping with your views. When the plan is completed, we present it to the Parish Council for approval, then to the Community and any editing takes place before we present it to Basingstoke and
Deane for approval. We then have to pass it to an Independent Examiner before we again re-present it to the community through a referendum where 50% vote of acceptance will make it a Legal Document, and Planning Officers have then to take note of the Neighbourhood Plan which is the wishes of the community. Y|ou can hopefully appreciate how important it is that we have your responses.

Thank you

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