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The open day was held from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs on the 28th September 2013 in the Clift Meadow Pavilion. It was a presentation of the objectives of the steering group for the Neighbourhood Plan, taking into account the information analysed from the Village Plan, from the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, from the ideas of 152 who attended the first Open day, from one to one engagements with organisation and from information posted on the web site. It was a chance for the residents to see where we are in preparing the plan that we are looking to have in place by November 2014.

Open Session Attendance Map

Postcode map of attendees to the Open Session 28th Sept 2013 (Click to view larger image)

It was successful day in that the 94 residents who attended appreciated what we are trying to achieve and were constructive in their ideas for Bramley to site 200 houses being allocated by Basingstoke and Deane via the Local Plan, to improve the infrastructure, recreational facilities, Transport and Parking problems and Environmental issues. This plan sees Bramley through to 2029, and being a Legal Document is important. It was therefore rather disappointing that only 2% of the residents of Bramley turned out to see where we are in preparing the plan and to give us their ideas. It would be nice to know what the other 98% of the population want Bramley to look like through to 2029.

That aside, we have some 50+ plans to analyse which give us the views of residents as to where to site the 200 houses, where to site parking, where new shops might be sited, all issues that face Bramley. We also have the written comments of those that attended and some comments on the web from those residents who could not attend but wanted their views to be taken into consideration.

There is still time for the 98% to make their views known. Please use our contact form and let us know your views. We take into consideration all views and the plan that we will present to the community will be achievable and will be the views of the majority. We will be publishing the views after analysing the maps, but the written comments which are also to be considered from the open day are:-


  • Be supported by sufficient infrastructure that it does not strain village resources. Be sited to west of the railway towards the sub-station.
  • Development be on the A33 side of the village
  • Smaller pockets of Housing rather than one big estate.  Areas around Minchins Lane, around the Recreational area.
  • Architectural and landscape criteria for housing
  • Try not to let Bramley become a town which is likely if have street lighting.
  • No more new housing without prior agreement for improved infrastructure, improved road, new estate road wide enough to cope with 2/3 cars per household, the norm today 


  • Build a footbridge! Council not interested but great majority of the village want a footbridge.
  • Provide better parking for access to the station.
  • One-stop to reduce impact of on-road parking. Move the shops with adequate parking away from the main road.
  • Reduce impact of the level crossing on through traffic because of the down time of the barrier, especially with the forecast of extra freight traffic on the line and extra traffic from new housing.
  • No on street parking. Yellow lines only pushed cars further down the roads.
  • Clift Meadow 2hr free parking, chargeable after 2 hours.
  • Field past the school be purchased and made into parking for the school.
  • Traffic calming on the main road. Present system not working. Use continental ideas.
  • Path to Sherfield
  • Keep large lorries away from Bramley
  • Move station
  • Car Park for station with full restriction for no parking on the side roads
  • No new paths and no street lighting
  • No roundabouts
  • Traffic calming measures are poor. Adopt better more simplistic measures as used on the Continent.
  • Children should be able to walk to school on safe pathways, with lighter traffic on the roads


  • Protect, enhance and promote environmental and wild life areas
  • Look after local wildlife and ponds etc. Not enough
  • Maintain Green areas within the village 


  • Develop existing facilities rather than on existing green field sites.
  • Ensure sufficient amenities according to priorities of residents (GP, School, cycle routes). Village centre not necessary unless it is to deliver priority services.
  • Farm shop selling vegetables and meat
  • Dutch style development of cross county cycle routes
  • Maintain existing amenities at Clift Meadow and have a football pitch
  • Not want lots of new amenities since all need in nearby Basingstoke, Tadley. Reading

Malcolm Bell, Chair Neighbourhood Planning

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