Drop of water into still waterThis public drop-in session was held to introduce the community of Bramley to the idea of Neighbourhood Planning. The Parish Council has to be the official leader of the plan, but it is the community as a whole who dictate what the plan includes as to the future of Bramley Parish. Once adopted, after an independent examination followed by a referendum, it becomes statutorily adopted, which means it becomes part of the local planning regulation and must be taken into account by developers and planners. The final stage of approval, the referendum, ensures that the whole community has a final say on whether the Neighbourhood Plan comes into force.

The open session ran from 3.30pm to 7.30pm and Cllr Malcolm Bell, Cllr Anthony Durrant, Cllr Janet Grieve and Cllr Richard Wood were on hand for the whole period and support from Cllr Chris Holland who was involved discussing Transport Problems with residents. Thanks to Sarah for help in producing the flyers and nibbles.

  • In total 152 people attended and there was a lot of enthusiasm for the Plan,
  • 21 people offering their services to be part of the Steering Group
  • 14 people offering their services on sub-committees, analysis and research.

“Marmite Quiz”

There was a “Marmite Quiz” to introduce people to some of the issues that Bramley faces.

Analysis of those papers gave the following results:-

We Asked You More Yes/LOVE No/HATE
Do you Love the Village Green?   93%  
Do you Love large Estates?   18% 76%
Village School – Big Enough?   31% 58%
Should the Village have a say ref build on RBL site?   98%  
Village Shop – position   45% 49%
Open Views across Green        98%  
Street Parking     98%
Small Developments?   89%  
Do you Mind Driving Delays/level crossing?   82%  
Want More Places to work?   31% 53%
Want More playing fields?    60% 31%
Industrial Estate, Love, Hate, More of? 18% 38% 27%
Open Views Across Fields – interrupted by housing Development?     98%
Village hall – Love/Hate/Good enough?   82%
Good Enough

Other Interesting Information

There were further comments from residents explaining their concerns. These are categorised:-


  • Need for Community Village Street with shops.
  • Move the centre of the village from the railway crossing
  • More facilities for all the community, another Pub, more shops
  • Shop and Bakery inadequately sited
  • More Shops in area that will not hamper traffic
  • Re-locate shop for more parking

Housing Developments

  • Not all developments are bad
  • Low Budget adversely affects infrastructure expansion
  • Development is way to secure infrastructure
  • Infrastructure to support more development
  • Improve infrastructure, Doctors, shops, schooling
  • No further development in Bramley
  • Ensure that development creep up Cufaude Lane does not affect Bramley Village
  • Have say on Character, Style of housing
  • Affordable housing for young families
  • Housing Development is the biggest challenge
  • The Railway crossing means no further development


  • Keep Bramley Rural                       
  • Preserve Character of the village


  • Schooling is problem
  • Require better pre-schooling facilities
  • Require purpose built school to meet the needs of the village
  • Need for purpose built nursery school


  • Better facilities for youngsters
  • Balance future growth with available facilities
  • Free up village hall for activities for wider population


  • Parking near the station     
  • Road/Pedestrian safety
  • Traffic Congestion too great         
  • Railway barrier down too long causing traffic congestion  
  • Discourage traffic through the village, too many HGV
  • More School Parking, school run congestion in village
  • More yellow lines to discourage commuter parking
  • More parking for shop and doctors surgery
  • By-pass using Minchins Lane, New Road
  • Pay as you park facilities
  • Pedestrian Bridge over railway    


  • Frequency of public transport, buses
  • More police cover
  • Footpath between Bramley and Sherfield
  • Street Lighting on the main road        
  • Drainage problems                            
  • Broadband Problems


There are a large number of issues which hopefully can, in the main, be addressed through the Neighbourhood Plan. This is only the beginning of getting the opinions of the Community. The setting up of the Project Plan – which is the next step – will help to establish the extent of the work that will be involved in producing the neighbourhood plan. More information has to be gathered, evidence produced and consultations with the community before the plan can be finalised, with the expectations that it would be finalised late 2014.
There is expected to be a meeting of the Steering Group mid-April with Consultant from Planning Aid who will start to guide the team through the procedures. Although we have a core of volunteer people at present, more help will be required from the community as the plan progresses with Workshops in the village Hall

Thanks to all who helped in this first stage
Cllr Malcolm Bell

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