health-checkNPIERS offers a service whereby suitably qualified and experienced reviewers will undertake ‘health checks’ on emerging Neighbourhood Development Plans or Orders. The ‘health check’ is an independent desk based review designed to help both the qualifying body and the local planning authority to identify issues that may cause delay or rejection of Plans or Orders at the submission or independent examination stages.

The ‘health check’ considers whether there are any obvious problems in meeting the basic conditions and other legal requirements. A ‘health check’ imitates a formal examination but is less comprehensive and only deals with the Plan or Order, and where requested, the Basic Conditions and Consultation Statements, but not including background documentation or processes. A ‘health check’ does not involve re-writing the Plan or Order but provides general advice on what changes need to be made. The ‘health check’ is advisory only and has no legal status.

Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan Health Check Review Report
Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan Health Check Review Report
Version: 1.0
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