economyHistorically Bramley was a small village, centred on the church, relying on agriculture to drive its economy and employment.  In common with most rural areas agriculture now provides few jobs with most of the parish land being farmed from outside the parish. 

In 1844 the railway was built which led to a cluster of development gradually spreading from the station. This gives us our linear look, but divided by the railway crossing 

In 1917 the ammunition depot was started which, in its heyday, employed 4400,  both Military and civilian. There is now a very small care and maintenance staff with most tasks contracted out.  In the 1980’s residential estates began to be built on the edge of the MOD site which further stretched the village’s linear character, although most of the developments are not obvious to the traveller. 

Several agricultural buildings (Stocks barn and Minchens court) have been converted to business use. Two new business parks have been created (Cufaude Lane and Campbell Court) which provide employment.  This is somewhat disappointing as of the 610 jobs identified only 83 are filled by local people.  This generates large movements of people with many commuting into village workplaces and many more out to their workplaces. 

These figures, coupled with the railway station and our proximity to the A33, M4 and M3, seem to consign us to be a dormitory village.  This is not sustainable without significant investment in the local infrastructure.  Specifically the appalling state of our roads, frequent flooding and lack of un-hindered and safe railway crossing.

Below you will see a table of the various businesses within the Bramley NDP catchment area.
The original survey carried out by Bramley NDP team collected various other information such as type of company, intentions to expand etc. In order to protect the business interests of the various companies within Bramley, only a summary report is included.  

Summary of Businesses within Bramley

Summary of Businesses within Bramley

Bramley Local Economy
Bramley Local Economy
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