Bramley NDPOpen Drop in Session for Neighbourhood Planning

The Open Day Drop in Session which was held in the Pavilion at Clift Meadow on the 28th September 2013 was a success. For those 94 people that attended, the message was coming back to members of the steering group in attendance that we are moving in the right direction, listening to the community as to what you want Bramley to look like in the future taking into account the issues it faces. The Core objectives that the Steering Group have been tasked to achieve are coming together, and in the main the comments from those that came to the meeting seemed to agree with the objectives.

As a Group we have to now analyse further comments that were made on the day and those comments coming through the web site. Residents at the meeting had also the opportunity to put their ideas on maps of Bramley that were available, showing what their thoughts were as to what Bramley will look like in the future. This is accommodating the 200 houses that are liable to be allocated to Bramley by Basingstoke and Deane’s Local Plan, but can be sited with input from the community. Some interesting ideas were forth coming which we now have to analyse taking into account feasibility. Also there again has to be improvement in the infrastructure along with the new housing developments and also the lack of infrastructure that did not materialise with previous housing developments. Ideas on these issues were put down on the maps.

The results of the day will be published on this web site once we have had a chance to analyse the results. For those that attended, then we trust you found it useful and can now see what we are trying to achieve and will pass that message on to other residents who were not able to attend. They can then have the opportunity to further express their views on the web site.

We thank you for your interest and ideas. Following the laid down procedure to have a Neighbourhood Plan, written and accepted, we are on the right track and with the community of Bramley behind us, we will be successful.

Thank you for your input and help


Malcolm Bell, Chair Neighbourhood Planning on behalf of all members of the Steering Group who are working hard to realise the Vision Statement for Bramley, with all the issues it faces:

Bramley must retain and enhance its character as a rural village community


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