Below you will find the results from the first survey carried out on behalf of the Bramley Neighbourhood Development steering group. 
The results are available as a downloadable PDF document, or on the following page you can view the slideshow as a series of images in your browser.

Survey 1 Results (4.9 MiB, 1415 downloads)


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2 comments on “Survey 1 Results

  • Ref the comment from Mrs T on the 10th November. To understand the situation, 200 houses are at present allocated to Bramley through the Local Plan. Basingstoke and Deane allocated the houses to be sited via the neighbourhood plan which is in the process of being compiled taking into consideration the views of the residents of Bramley, and we have identified various sites within Bramley that are being assessed. The Neighbourhood Plan also has to address transport, recreational, environmental problems facing Bramley now and in the future, going out to 2029, and as explained on our web, this will become a Legal document once approved. At this moment we are at the stage of writing policies to address all the problems facing Bramley taking into account the views of the residents, because the Neighbourhood Plan is driven by the views of the residents, the reason for the surveys and the open days.

    Charles Church who have an option to build houses on Minchens Lane are looking to put in a planning application for 200 houses on that site. This is ahead of the Neighbourhood Plan and in this”Window of Opportunity” before the Local Plan or the neighbourhood plan is in place, and therefore the planning officers of BDBC will have to access this application through the normal channels and residents will be able to have their say as will the Parish Council.
    The siting of the houses is in keeping with the views of some residents who completed the surveys and attended the Open Days of Neighbourhood planning. As regards resolving the transport problems facing Bramley now and in the future taking into account the increase in traffic associated with more housing, the down-time of the railway barrier, the parking problems, the school run problems, the shop parking problems and the heavy traffic through the village all causing safety problems, then these are still being accessed. A by-pass is one suggestion, but we have on the agenda other ideas, so nothing is decided .
    Once we have some solutions to the problems facing Bramley, then we have to present those to the community to get their approval before submitting the plan to BDBC, then to an independent examiner and then finally to referendum where a vote of 50% in favour of the people who vote will make it a Legal Document.
    Members of the Steering Group driving the neighbourhood plan are working to put a plan together that will meet our vision of Bramley in the future, that “Bramley must remain and enhance its character as a Rural Village”
    I am sorry for the length of this reply but cannot apologise because on the steering group we need to get the message over that the Neighbourhood Plan is your plan, that we need your views as to resolving the issues facing Bramley now and in the future.
    The more comments we have, the easier it makes our life in coming up with a plan that will meet the approval of the community.
    If Charles Church are successful in their planning application, we on the Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Plan and members of the Parish Council will be working to ensure the development is in keeping with the village, that it meets the requirements concerning style, density, has open spaces etc in keeping with a village, and that life in Bramley does not deteriorate as a result of further housing.
    Keep the comments coming.
    Thank you
    Malcolm Bell, Chair Neighbourhood Planning

  • I did not return my survey as like many people I presumed that the siting of the 200 houses on Minchins Lane was a “done deal”, but regret it now as I am horrified to read that a by-pass on Minchins Lane has been suggested. Why should our country lanes be destroyed in the name of progress. Is there to be a second survey and if so when?

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