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Appendix B Appendicies For Community Consultation1.03.6 MiB306
Appendix B Summary Of Community Consultation And Survey Results1.03.5 MiB615
Appendix C Bramley Village Characterisation Assessment1.013.1 MiB608
Appendix C Bramley Village Characterisation Assessment LQ1.06.6 MiB502
Appendix D Protected Important Views1.02.4 MiB732
Bramley NP Consultation Draft1.07.5 MiB917
Bramley NP Consultation Draft LQ1.05.7 MiB333
Bramley NP Env/SEA NTS Report1.0525.8 KiB432
Bramley NP FINAL Env/SEA Report1.01.2 MiB961
Bramley Neighbourhood Plan - Single Archive1.135.3 MiB272
Bramley School - NDP Feedback 1.0259.6 KiB276
Data Analysis Related To Bramley's Expansion 1981-20291.0400.3 KiB262
Safety Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Scheme Proposals V5.01.02.9 MiB281

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Below you will find a single archive file that contains ALL of the above files.
This is a large file (currently around 35Mb) that may take a long time to download over a slow connection.  

Bramley Neighbourhood Plan - Single Archive
Bramley Neighbourhood Plan - Single Archive
Bramley Neighbourhood Plan - Single
Version: 1.1
35.3 MiB


You are invited to submit comments via our online feedback form, which you can find here:

You may also email to

The following is a PDF version of the Public Consultation and feedback form  that you can download, print out, complete and return the form and send to the Bramley Parish Clerk at:

Bramley Parish Clerk
Neighbourhood Planning
11 Pinehurst
RG26 3AP

The Parish Clerk can be contacted via: 07810 692486

Consultation Flyer June 2015
Consultation Flyer June 2015
Version: 1.0
551.7 KiB

Comments must reach us by 17.30 on 19th August 2015.

Most computers should be able to read the archive and various document files but be aware, there should be no need to purchase software to open this file. Please contact us via our contact form if you require any assistance with any of the files above

The PDF files can be opening using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free application available from

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