Bramley Primary School The NDP submitted 3 simple questions to the Bramley School council; the council is made up of children from the school with 2 representatives from Year groups 1 through to 6.
The school catchment area covers the villages of Bramley, Sherfield on Loddon and Stratfield Saye, offering education for primary school children from the ages of 4 through to 11. Bramley School currently has approximately 410 pupils.

Bramley School Feedback ResultsQuestions

  1. What do you like about Bramley?
  2. What do you not like about Bramley?
  3. How would you change Bramley for the better?


  • The children were pleased to have been asked for their ideas and were eager to discuss their responses to the questions raised.
  • The majority of the children on the School Council live in Bramley,with the remainder living in Sherfield-on-Loddon.

What’s good about our village of Bramley?

  • The green, open spaces, e.g. Clift Meadow
  • The peace and quiet
  • The play areas, e.g. the ball park
  • Being able to walk safely to their friends’ houses
  • The independence provided by the train link to Basingstoke and Reading (Year 6 pupils)

What we don’t like In our village of Bramley

  • Places in the village where there are no footpaths
  • Footpaths that are overgrown and footpaths where the street lamps no longer work – they feel nervous when walking down them
  • Cars driving too fast on the main road through the village
  • Crossing the road opposite the Bramley Bakery or at the One Stop, where there are lots of parked cars and it is difficult to know when to cross
  • Waiting at the level crossing (on foot or in the car)

How do we make our village of Bramley better?

  • A shop where they could spend pocket money on small items, e.g. toys
  • A library or book shop
  • A new car park so that cars wouldn’t park outside the One Stop or Bramley Bakery (or on the yellow lines outside the school gates)
  • A footbridge over the railway line
  • A footpath or cycle path between Bramley and Sherfield-on-Loddon to encourage children to walk or cycle to school and to make it easier to travel independently to see friends in the other village
  • Check the footpaths, cut back overgrown plants and fix the street lamps
  • Extend the footpaths so that they cover the whole village and children can walk safely to any house

The original report can be downloaded from:  Bramley Primary School NDP Report (October 2013)

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