Bramley Neighbourhood Development PlanA Flyer concerning the Land North of Sherfield Road, Bramley (known in the Local Plan as Strawberry Fields) has been circulated to all households in Bramley by Gleeson Developments Ltd and Stratfield Saye Estate concerning the development of that land.

The text says “Gleeson Developments Ltd and Stratfield Saye Estate have been promoting the Land north of Sherfield Road as the most suitable to accommodate the 200 houses as per the Local Plan – a decision that would be made through the Neighbourhood Plan”.

This statement could be interpreted that the Neighbourhood Plan supports this development on this site.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that the Neighbourhood Plan, in the process of being produced and at the stage of assessing potential sites for development does not back this possible interpretation.

The surveys taken of the local community concerning the siting of houses have in two instances rejected Strawberry Fields as being suitable for development. The latest survey when the community were presented with examples of possible sites and asked for their opinions, Strawberry Fields being one of those sites, then the results for Strawberry Fields were :-

  • 41% Strongly Opposed Development
  • 16 % Would not Support
  • 14% Remained Neutral
  • 13% Supported
  • 16% Strongly Supported

The Neighbourhood Plan is based on the wishes of the community, and the results of all surveys are taken account of in producing the Plan. The opinions of the community plus the assessment of potential sites against specific criteria is the basis of recommending within the plan sites for FUTURE housing development.

Discounting the site assessments which are in the process of being completed, on the evidence so far Strawberry Fields is not the favoured site from a Neighbourhood Plan point of view as being acceptable to the community for housing development, and therefore any interpretation suggesting within the flyer that the Neighbourhood Plan supports this development is wrong.

The results of all surveys can be seen on the web site, The latest results will be on the web within days.

We have repeatedly emphasised that the Neighbourhood Plan, unlike previous surveys and documents, becomes a legally binding part of the planning process which the planners must abide by. It is your chance as residents to have a real say, not just ‘wishes’ on how you would like future developments to proceed within Bramley but on all aspects of Life in Bramley. Get involved and help determine the future of Bramley.

Malcolm Bell, Chair Neighbourhood Planning