Update: More results from the survey discussed below can be found at:http://bramleyndp.org.uk/updated-results-from-open-day-drop-in-session/ The open day was held from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs on the 28th September 2013 in the Clift Meadow Pavilion. It was a presentation of the objectives of the steering group for the Neighbourhood Plan, taking into account the information analysed from the… Read More

Open Drop in Session for Neighbourhood Planning The Open Day Drop in Session which was held in the Pavilion at Clift Meadow on the 28th September 2013 was a success. For those 94 people that attended, the message was coming back to members of the steering group in attendance that we are moving in the… Read More

On the 28th September 2013, you have a chance to come along to the Clift Meadow Pavilion and tell the NDP committee just what you think about your village. You have a chance to be a part of shaping the future and direction of just how you want your village to develop.  Your Voice, Your Village,… Read More

Below you will find the results from the first survey carried out on behalf of the Bramley Neighbourhood Development steering group. The results are available as a downloadable PDF document, or on the following page you can view the slideshow as a series of images in your browser.   To view the slideshow of the results… Read More

Bramley railway Station

Update: 29th June 2012Thank you for all the survey responses.The first survey is closed and no longer accepting responses. Dear Resident Our village is going to continue to evolve, having already seen many changes in the last few years. The Bramley Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by Bramley Parish Council is your opportunity as a resident to influence… Read More

This public drop-in session was held to introduce the community of Bramley to the idea of Neighbourhood Planning. The Parish Council has to be the official leader of the plan, but it is the community as a whole who dictate what the plan includes as to the future of Bramley Parish. Once adopted, after an… Read More