Below you will find copies of published minutes for the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan meetings.

22nd July 20141.0194.7 KiB423
8th May 20131.0195.8 KiB682
9th October 20131.0196.6 KiB324
10th April 20131.0197.5 KiB898
3rd April 20141.0198.2 KiB313
8th January 20151.0198.8 KiB389
17th September 20131.0200.5 KiB266
12th June 20131.0202.3 KiB864
8th May 20141.0204.6 KiB291
8th January 20141.0208.1 KiB395
9th July 20131.0211.3 KiB778
6th November 20131.0212.4 KiB486
6th February 20141.0214.9 KiB476
6th August 20131.0215.8 KiB725
4th December 20131.0325.4 KiB324
5th March 20141.0326.7 KiB379

Each file can be opening using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free application available from

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