On the 8th July 2015 notification was received by Parish Councillors of a proposed new development at the top of Cufaude Lane/The Street junction.  This proposal was then distributed to members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.  Below you will find details of the proposal and a copy of corresponding reply sent by Cllr. Malcolm… Read More

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by the Localism Act 2011. It gives communities power to make plans which shape and direct development in their area – to say where development should go and what form it should take. Neighbourhood Plans are produced by the community itself and are only adopted if they receive a majority vote by local people in… Read More

Bramley Neighbourhood Plan - Development Options

Following on from the two Open Evenings which were well attended and hopefully enlightened the Community as to where the Neighbourhood Plan is at this stage, and where it is going in the future, bearing in mind our Vision for Bramley.… Read More

Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey

Many thanks to those of you who attended the meeting on the 15th and 22nd May for the presentation on the Vision and Development options and to those who have submitted their results online. June 5th – Update The survey has now closed and the results are being examined by the Steering Group.  … Read More

How Much Development Open Days

Come visit at Clift Meadow Pavilion at 7pm on May 15th or May 22nd and have your say on where development in Bramley should be allocated.  This is a real chance to have your say and help influence the Neighbourhood Development Plan.… Read More

Thursday 15th and Thursday 22nd of May at 7pm in the Pavilion, Clift Meadow. The Parish Council via The Steering Committee is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Bramley which will enable the local community to have more say over the way the village develops over the next 15 years. The Bramley Neighbourhood Plan will be part… Read More

A key decision for the Parish Council is where the new development should go. The Neighbourhood Planning Committee has identified a number of possibilities and will select the most suitable sites that can provide the right amount of new development. To do this, each site will be assessed against a range of criteria.… Read More